Monday, 9 January 2017


Too busy to spend some quality time with family and friends? There’s a simple way to solve this problem without having much efforts – SWIMMING POOL AT HOME.
All you need to do is Prepare Your Towel, Swimwear and be ready for the Splash.
Here are five reasons why you should have swimming pool at home:
  1. Quality Time –  Families typically spend their ends of the week going out to try different eateries, watch films and convey their kids to parks, shopping centres or play areas. In any case, having your own swimming pool at home can allow you to bond with each other on ends of the week as well as regular! It’s pleasant to get to know each other consistently, would it say it isn’t?61777h
  2. Relax – In the wake of a monotonous day of confronting incalculable paper works at the workplace, doing energetic exercises outside or notwithstanding noting mind-boggling inquiries at school, who among us would prefer not to go home and discharge all the worry in our psyche and body? Swimming is thought to be an unwinding and a tranquil type of practice which can help you keep up a solid weight, heart and lungs. There’s no more motivation to visit a spa or require a back rub benefit, rather, simply get in your bathing suit or trunks and jump into the pool!woman-relaxing-in-pool-700x459
3. One of the Outdoor Games – Kids in reality adore water. Beside playing with their toys and other stuff, swimming is one of their staple top picks! Having your own swimming pool is leverage for your children to figure out how to swim as ahead of schedule as possible. It is likewise the best place to play with their siblings/sisters, or even with their companions from your neighbourhood. You will see the delight and fulfilment it could convey to your kid, and by one means or another make you understand that joy can likewise be found in your own home.
4. Excitement For Guests –  Who wouldn’t love to return and visit your home over and over, on the off chance that they are fulfilled and engaged well? Beside your home’s family room or patio, swimming pool is one of the best places where you can have some great discussion with your visitors. Giving them a chance to appreciate and have the sentiment being ‘at home’ is one reason why your guests will doubtlessly feel your friendliness. This just clarifies having your own swimming pool can fortify one’s association with others. Not exclusively will it work for the relatives, additionally for the companionship you need to work with other individuals.
02 WH-Main Pool.jpg
5. Modest Summer Vacation – Being in a tropical nation, it is perfect to have your own particular swimming pool to battle the burning warmth of the climate particularly on summer period. These days, fabricating your own particular swimming pool is thought to be one of the families’ spends too much for their homes. It doesn’t simply force a lavish sort of life, additionally advances extraordinary family bond that demonstrates the significance of family time. Also, in light of the fact that we generally feel the copying beams of the sun, particularly amid summer, having a swimming pool in your home can give the freshness you need without spending a penny by going outside and searching for some place to chill off. Add up to unwinding inside your compass!

Since you are now mindful of the comfort of having your own swimming pool, you will have the capacity to understand that it doesn’t just bring the delight you and your family require, however it likewise builds up the closeness and love among the family that fixes the relationship.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Do you like to keep up to date with latest swimming innovations? Choose the best pair of goggles when there are hundreds of options. Top 5 Swim Goggles have been selected based on customer’s specific needs which are designed for a specific type of swimwear.

For performance:  In case you’re up against some genuine competition, go for an all around composed hustling goggle with an “inward eye fit” – ruling out drag. With the high-quality craftsmanship and materials this goggle is in the top of our list.
For Style:  In the event that it’s tastefulness you’re after, search for a goggle with smooth lines and an intense shading plan.
For Comfort: In case you’re attempting to discover goggles that won’t leave rings around your eyes, run for models with froth gaskets or thin silicone seals. The goggle’s frame is super-flexible and requires little adjustment for a comfortable experience.
For open water: If the open water calls to you, a goggle with excellent visual acuity or a mask with a huge field of vision is ideal for avoiding hazards.
For optical correction: For near-sighted swimmers, goggles with optical correction equips you with exceptional underwater vision and unbeatable comfort. Before buying goggles, consider how you’ll be using them and where to buy the perfect swim goggles.

Before buying goggles, consider how you’ll be using them and where to buy the perfect swim goggles. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Trends in Swimming Pool Designs #4 Geometric

Just like fashion, pool trends come and go and come again. This year, geometric pool shapes are making a comeback. While some may consider geometric pool designs to be simple or utilitarian, the newest designs incorporate elaborate materials and design features, giving them an artistic edge.
Though basic in shape, the geometric pool and spa pictured above features a variety of sophisticated features, including sheer decent waterfalls, shimmering glass tiles, a sun shelf, and in-pool barstools. Colorful LED lighting gives the pool an exciting new look at night while maintaining its chic elegance.
Various Type of Geometric Pool Designs
Geometric Pool 1
The lines’ edges as well as lights built in the corner make this swimming pool more attractive.
Geometric Pool 2
Certainly the fountains on the edges of this pool will create a more refreshing feeling to the homeowner even if he is just sitting here.
Geometric Pool 3
The designer was able to provide beautiful landscape in this area that complements the shape of this cool blue pool.

Geometric Pool 4
The water in the pool is like dancing with the incredible fountains and blue sky above.
Geometric Pool 5
The homeowner can surely unwind while looking at the serenity of this area.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Trends in Swimming Pool Design #3 OVERFLOWING


Talking about the Overflowing Swimming Pool Design it is what offers perfect fun for the family and friends. For big or small families this swimming pool is always a necessity to  double the fun.

Overflowing pool design is one that offers two facilities. A quick dip in the pool with younger kids and a free form pool offers a good swim.

Talking about the Top Trends in Swimming Pool Designs
#3 is Overflowing Pool Design

A border flood pool is a kind of vanishing-edge pool outlined with the goal that water overflow every one of the four dividers, giving it the presence of a mirror.

Indoor Overflow Pool

In-Ground Natural Overflow Pool

In-Ground Steel Overflow Pool

Above-Ground Overflow Pool

In-Ground Polyster Overflow Pool

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How to build a Swimming Pool ?

Swimming Pools are a great addition in your life to enjoy time with family and friends.
So here are few steps on how to get a pool build.
  1. Design the pool – A pool is build by deciding the design of the pool. Whether to have a round pool, square pool, how deep it would be, what would be the color of pool and what textures to be used.
  2. Get a Builder – Get a good pool designer who is expert and experienced in designing the pools. Also a get a permit for designing the pool once this is done.
  3. Grade the ground – There are many ways to grade the ground but if you are using a sloping floor, you’ll definitely need an experienced person.
  4. Frame the walls – Once grading the ground is done you are ready to frame the walls. Frame the wall with wood or metal and make sure to keep the walls even and inline with each other.
  5. Put in the plumbing – Add on necessary plumbing in the pool and create a filtration system as well.
  6. Run the electricity – Run the electricity if it is needed for the pool or filtration system.
  7. Pour the floor – After plumbing and electricity start building the actual walls. While doing this make sure to pay attention to the angle of the floor.
  8. Finish the walls – After completion of floor finish the wall.
  9. Fill outside – Fill the outside area after finishing the wall. Ask the contractor to suggest the cheapest and safest way out.
  10. Get your pool Filled with water. This is it your pool is ready to be used.
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

10 Reasons Why Start Swimming Now!

Here's why everyone can benefit from adding swimming to their fitness solutions. Swimming has been proven as the best exercise.

So sit back, give few minutes to this article and find out 10 Reasons why start Swimming Now.
Benefits of Swimming :
1. RELAX - Swimming is always refreshing! Enjoy being in the water, have fun and keep your mind stress less and relaxing.
2. BONES & JOINTS - If you have stiffed your body, recovering from injury and trying to build strength swimming is the best option.
3. FLEXIBLE BODY - Swimming handles everything from chiseling your back to conditioning your arms—all without picking up a weight. As opposed to requiring an arrangement to work particular muscles, each of the four strokes work to reinforce your whole body.
4. MUSCLE - Swimming is like working out with weights or machines without the need for expensive equipment, which makes swimming an affordable way to strengthen your muscles.
5. REDUCES THE RISK OF HEART DISEASE - Not just is swimming kind to your heart and an awesome type of cardiovascular work out, it's additionally appeared to control glucose levels, bring down circulatory strain and lessen levels of terrible cholesterol in your blood. So by swimming frequently, you're less inclined to create ailments like sort 2 diabetes, coronary illness and stroke. 
6. BURN CALORIES - Those myths about swimmers and calorie admission aren't false. That is on account of one hour of direct swimming can blaze around 500 calories. This revs up your digestion system, proceeding with the blaze well after you've ventured off the deck.
7. BOOSTS MOOD - Swimmers, regardless of what level, are less inclined to pressure, sorrow, outrage and disarray when they've been swimming. It implies that learner and novice swimmers can feel similarly on a par with the stars, on account of the arrival of feel-great hormone serotonin.
8. IMPROVES SLEEP - Individuals who embrace overwhelming activity, for example, swimming are around twice as prone to provide details regarding having a decent night's rest, as indicated by a survey by the National Sleep Foundation. They're to the least extent liable to report rest issues, with most maintaining a strategic distance from issues like a sleeping disorder and waking too soon.
9. SWEAT FREE - As a swimmer, you'll never get overheated or feel sweat-soaked on the grounds that the water around you is always chilling you off.
10. VARIATIONS - The workouts are perpetual with regards to the pool. Past each of the four strokes, you can kick, pull, or even utilize the divider for push-ups! Snatch a companion and attempt this interim workout.

While Swimming having SWIMMING ACCESSORIES & SWIMWEAR is equally very important. 
Swim Goggles
Swim Kickboard
Ear Plug
Swim Ring
Swim Cap
Pool Lounger

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